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Anchor Croatia
Anchor Croatia
Anchor Croatia

Where Will You Anchor in Croatia?

Anchor Croatia - Yacht Rentals
Let Your Dreams Set Sail

Yacht Rentals

Imagine the breeze kissing your tanned skin as you relax on the deck of your luxury yacht in Croatia. The sound of the waves is your personal soundtrack and the only worry in the world is whether to reach for another drink, or dive into the mesmerizing turquoise Adriatic Sea.

Anchor Croatia - Yacht Rentals
Anchor Croatia - Yacht Rentals
Anchor Croatia - Yacht Rentals
Anchor Croatia - Bespoke Tours
1- Day & Multi-Day Yachts

Bespoke Tours

Rent a sailboat or motor yacht for the day and explore Croatia’s pristine coastline. Or rent a yacht for a few days, perhaps a week, and island hop to stunning seaside destinations

Anchor Croatia - Gourmet Food & Wine Cruise 2024
Excite your senses

Gourmet Food & Wine Cruise 2024

Excite your senses as you sail across the Adriatic Sea on a 7-day wine & food journey! As you spend the day exploring ancient seaside towns and swimming in secluded turquoise bays, get ready to be pampered onboard the M/S Swallow.

Anchor Croatia - One Day Sailing
Feel the wind in your hair

One Day Sailing

The best part about renting a private sailboat for your friends and family is everything is customizable. Our beautiful 434 Elan Impression sailboat can hold up to 9 guests and has everything you need for a full-day sailing adventure.

Anchor Croatia - Multi Day Sailing
Explore Croatia’s coast

Multi Day Sailing

Imagine waking up to a seagull’s song and jumping in the turquoise blue water first thing in the morning, then eating breakfast with the Adriatic Sea as your backdrop. The only way to explore Croatia’s 1,100 islands is from the comfort of your private yacht.

Anchor Croatia - One-day and multi-day Motor Yacht tours
Embark on a Nautical Journey

One-day and multi-day Motor Yacht tours

Dive into the allure of the Adriatic with our exclusive Motor Yacht Tours, offering a tailor-made exploration of Croatia’s coastal wonders. Whether opting for a one-day adventure departing from Split or Dubrovnik or indulging in the extended magic of a multi-day voyage, each journey promises an enchanting encounter with the Adriatic’s island treasures.

Anchor Croatia - Private Island Transfers
Relax from day one

Private Island Transfers

You came to the Dalmatian coast to relax, so don’t waste time driving over an hour to the ferry terminal just to wait in the hot sun. Your private speed boat will be waiting for you.

Anchor Croatia - Large Group Yachts in Croatia
Unique and customized group tours

Large Group Yachts in Croatia

Experience the Adriatic Sea’s beauty on a Private Luxury Croatia Cruise for Large Groups Hosting a private mini cruise for 1 week to explore Croatia’s 1,100 islands is perfect for all occasions.

Anchor Croatia - Yacht Parties & Events
Plan your party onboard

Yacht Parties & Events

The majestic Sea, with the people you love, from the luxury of a yacht. With the crystal blue waves as your backdrop, there’s no better way to celebrate life’s grand events.

Anchor Croatia - Sailing Yoga Retreat in the Adriatic Sea
Plan a Retreat on the Adriatic Sea

Sailing Yoga Retreat in the Adriatic Sea

Our yacht becomes more than a vessel; it transforms into a floating haven for wellness. Indulge in daily yoga sessions, curated meals, and moments of mindfulness, all while exploring the cultural riches of the Adriatic. From the historic streets of Dubrovnik to the hidden gems of Vis, each destination complements your yoga journey.

Anchor Croatia - Ultra Music Festival 2024
Dance the night away

Ultra Music Festival 2024

Dive off the side of your exquisite yacht into the pristine water, and spend the day exploring the islands. Then dance the night away to the world’s hottest DJ’s at Ultra Europe.

Trip consultation

Your Gateway to Luxury in Croatia

Welcome to Anchor Croatia, where luxury meets discovery, and every journey is a masterpiece. As a premier bespoke travel company in Croatia, we take pride in crafting personalized trips that transcend the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Croatia with our exclusive trip consultation services and customized itinerary planning.

Why Sail With Anchor Croatia?

All of our boats are handpicked based on first-class superior standards.
As a prominent member of the yachting world, we know how to create luxury vacations.
Every trip is custom-designed, and carefully curated to each person with the utmost attention to detail.
Our company is built on supporting the local community and working towards improving the environment.
Find us on Instagram @theanchorcroatia
Anchor Croatia

Anchor Croatia

Anchor Croatia
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